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We can teach your group about REAP! 

The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa offers customized training for groups in Iowa who want to learn about best practices for managing concussion among children and teens. These include training sessions focused on the medical, educational, athletic, and/or home/family dynamics of concussion, recovery, and long-term recovery.

Our training sessions are developed in partnership with the author of the REAP protocol (Dr. Karen McAvoy), which is the community-based concussion management program endorsed by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education.

For more information about in-service or other educational sessions for teachers, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, or medical professionals, please click below or contact us at 
info@biaia.org or call us at 319-466-7455.

Iowa Concussion Consortium
Click to download the REAP protocol manual (PDF)
Click to download the REAP protocol manual (PDF)

Concussion Management Guidelines for Iowa Schools

Click here to download the guidelines


Last year the Brain Injury Alliance began to spearhead the formation of the Iowa Concussion Consortium (or ICC) group in a response to the increased need to provide consistent, rapid, relevant and reliable information on concussion and other brain injury to Iowa’s health care professionals, educators and other school related staff, students, parents and guardians. The Iowa Concussion Consortium and the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa have identified REAP as a nationally recognized concussion management program in a response to this need.

The REAP Project, which stands for Reduce • Educate •Accommodate • Pace, is a community-based model for concussion management that was developed in Colorado. The early origins of REAP stem from the dedication of one typical high school and it's surrounding community. After the devastating loss of a student to “Second Impact Syndrome,” the Administrators, Teachers, Certified Athletic Trainer, School Nurse, School Psychologist and Counselors all banded together to create a wider safety net for all students in that school. The net became stronger when parents and community medical professionals also worked together to coordinate care and recovery from concussion. The lessons learned from this tragic event are that a “Multi-Disciplinary Team” approach is the foundation of good Concussion Management.

Iowa Concussion Consortium Members

Blank Children’s Hospital / Unity Point
Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa
Bright Life Psychiatric Service
Centers for Disabilities and Development—University of Iowa Children’s Hospital
Community NeuroRehab
Epilepsy Foundation of Iowa
Fitzgerald and Associates
Iowa Advisory Council on Brain Injuries
Iowa Association of School Boards
Iowa Athletic Trainers’ Society
Iowa Department of Education
Iowa Department of Public Health
Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
Iowa High School Athletic Association
Meadowlark Psychiatric Services
Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital
On With Life, Inc.
Opportunities Unlimited
REM Iowa
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children
Safe Kids Iowa
School Administrators of Iowa
St. Luke’s Hospital / Unity Point
University of Iowa—Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics—Concussion Clinic
Veteran’s Administration Medical Center of Iowa City


REAP: A Statewide Concussion Management Program for Iowa
REAP: It takes a village
• Heads Up Iowa: Managing Concussions in Your School:

    Part #1
    Part #2

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Get Schooled on Concussions 
Iowa Advisory Council on Brain Injuries 
Iowa Department of Education Concussion Information 
BrainLine.org Concussion Information 
Iowa High School Athletic Association Concussion Information 
CDC HEADS UP Concussion Information


For more information about becoming a member of the Iowa Concussion Consortium or REAP, please contact icc@biaia.org


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