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The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is committed to providing Iowans affected by brain injury the support and access to resources they deserve. Please contact us if your clients and patients are facing barriers in these areas. We want to help.


November 2017

Updates and Changes in Iowa Medicaid

Managed Care Organization (MCO) leaving Iowa Medicaid Program:

It has been announced that AmeriHealth Caritas will no longer be an MCO for Iowa Medicaid and hawk-i (Iowa Health Link programs). AmeriHealth Caritas will withdraw from the program effective November 30, 2017. AmeriHealth Caritas members have been tentatively assigned to UnitedHealthcare but may choose to receive coverage through Amerigroup Iowa. If you wish to have coverage through Amerigroup Iowa, you may change your MCO for any reason until March 1, 2018. If you want your coverage to begin with Amerigroup on December 1, 2017, you must make your choice by November 16, 2017. Important, you will want to watch your mail for membership cards. There will be no lapse in coverage. Renewals must still be completed, as normal. This change has no effect on those members that have already have Amerigroup or UnitedHealthcare. Updated information will be posted online as it is available

Please check the DHS/ Iowa Health Link website regularly.

Sample Letter you will receive if you currently have AmeriHealth Caritas

Press Release

Basic Questions and Answer (Q and A)

Member Guide on How to Choose an MCO

AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa, Inc. Withdraw

You will have an option to switch. Members assigned to a new Managed Care Organization (MCO) will have the opportunity to make a change in plans if they wish for 90 days from the date they are transitioned from AmeriHealth Caritas to their new MCO.

You may want to see if your doctor or other service providers participate with AmeriGroup and / or United Health Care, to help your decision making.   To do so, you can access the MCO websites here to research that.


United Health Care 

The Brain Injury Alliance Neuro Resource Facilitation staff are available Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm to answer questions that Iowans affected by brain injury may have in regards to these and other issues.  Please don’t hesitate to contact at 855-444-6443.

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Grassroots Advocacy


Dedicated members of the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa (BIA-IA) work together to increase the public's awareness of brain injury and its consequences, develop support systems, encourage appropriate rehabilitation for survivors, and disseminate information about brain injury. BIA-IA believes that everyone who faces life after brain injury deserves the opportunity to achieve maximum functioning. BIA-IA advocates for statewide public and private services and the funding to pay for them.

We advocate for and with people with brain injury and family members by responding to their challenges and representing their concerns through legislative efforts and active support of programs created for their needs. The Alliance participates with the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries (ACBI) and other partners in efforts to improve Iowa’s capacity to support and serve Iowans experiencing brain injury and their families. These activities are guided through a state planning process governed by the ACBI and the current state plan at this link: Iowa State Plan for Brain Injury.


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