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Russell K., Iowa City

“The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa was key in helping my wife understand what had happened to me after my fall from a ladder. I spent many days in a coma in the intensive care unit on the edge. After I got out of intensive care BIAIA staff helped us understand our insurance and our options for post-acute rehabilitation. We believe this was a critical service in my recovery and return to work”

Elizabeth B., Bettendorf

“My 35-year-old daughter was in a car crash 10 years ago. She had recovered enough to live in her own apartment with the support of “home and community based services” via the Medicaid program. After nine years of services we were notified that her annual review indicated she no longer qualified for services and supports. We knew that there had been no changes in her abilities but she did have a new case manager. BIAIA was able to help us use a brain injury specific assessment as part of an appeal to the Department of Human Services for continued services, which was granted! Without this support our daughter would be living with us, or in a nursing home.”

Robert W., Des Moines

“My mother knew of the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and suggested I contact them when my wife was being discharged from the hospital after a long neurological illness. The hospital social worker had sent me to look at nursing homes for her to move to. My wife is 35 and I was heartbroken at the idea of sending her to a nursing home. BIAIA helped me understand how to advocate with the hospital, and my insurance company for intensive brain injury rehabilitation. My wife came directly home after 4 weeks in that program and was able to re-enter life! She is again the primary caregiver for our children and I am back to work. BIAIA was a lifesaver for our family.”