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Charitable Estate Gifts

Charitable estate or deferred giving enables you to arrange charitable contributions in a manner that maximizes personal objectives and financial goals. Many plans provide flexibility during your lifetime, even if the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa will not realize our benefit until sometime in the future. The most common types of deferred plans are bequests, retirement plan designations, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable gift annuities.


A bequest in your will or living trust naming the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa as a beneficiary is the easiest and most popular deferred gift plan. Donors may name the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa a percentage beneficiary or for a specific dollar amount or specific assets. Your assets can be used to support BIAIA for the purposes you have documented.

Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement accounts often are exposed to income tax and estate taxes, which may be avoided or reduced through a deferred gift. Naming the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa as a beneficiary of your retirement account can provide a meaningful gift to BIAIA. See your financial advisor for options.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable trust to benefit the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is established when you transfer assets (cash, securities or real estate) to a trust where the assets are invested to pay an annual, lifetime or term-of-years income to you or other beneficiaries. When the trust matures, the remaining assets are distributed by the trustee according to your wishes. See your financial advisor for options.

Contacting BIAIA About Your Gift

If you would like to discuss giving options or let us know that you’ve added us as a beneficiary, please contact us at 1-319-466-7455 or by e-mail at Thank you!