Currently, more than 95,000 Iowans live with a long-term disability due to an acquired brain injury. Recovery following a brain injury is an intense and difficult experience for survivors, requiring understanding and acceptance of resulting disabilities, along with new expectations for quality of life and self-fulfillment. Family members, who most often serve as caregivers and

Eileen, a brain injury survivor who lives in Ankeny, painted her mask pink, orange, blue and purple. Divided into bright blocks of color, Eileen’s mask also features the words “happy,” “sad,” and “Mom.” “My mask represents my different emotions that I go through,” she wrote, in a statement accompanying the art project. “The purple side

On Thursday, August 3, Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation designating August as Concussion Awareness Month in Iowa, acknowledging a critical need statewide for education and understanding on the topic of concussion, a common form of brain injury. As fall sports get underway in schools and clubs across Iowa, recent research released about the long-term


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